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are being encouraged to drive less and also being encouraged to use less energy. we are in livermore where many people found the best way to stay cool was to take a dip in the pool. >> with unexpected high of 96, going for a swim or learning how to swim is an easy way to beat the heat in livermore. that is why she brought her kids to the robert livermore community center >> a good way to get exercise and stay cool. >> water is the best way to stay cool. this is a great place to bring the kids. they love the water. >> a game of volleyball is fun and the sound but as the coach tells us, precautions come first. >> we used to have this camp at 12:00 and we had to move it all the way to 9:30 a.m. because it is so hot these days. temperatures are getting up there so we're taking a lot of water breaks. remembering to apply som sunscreen. >> it is necessary for those that want to spend a little time outdoors. >> and the california emergency management agency issued a release this morning in addition to urging californians to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water, they say that you should wear li
and also the chairman of the subcommittee on the promotion of the defense of marriage of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. a warning for chic-fil-a " don't come any closer " the mayor of san francisco is the third to come out against a popular restaurant chain and its stance against same-sex marriage as ann mackovic shows us, the flap over food and love is growing. >> getting messages from people saying that this is so bad, mayor, could you speak up for the city of san francisco? so that is what i did. >> the mayor speaking out against chic-fil-a after its president spoke out against same-sex marriage. >> i'm for freedom of expression and people and say what it wants but it just seems like they have gone out of their way to challenge people that they on this early to not have to. >> the restaurant was founded in georgia on southern baptist principles. right now there is a chic-fil-a in fairfield and branches will open in san jose in august and a walnut creek in september. last night merely put on twitter " i strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer ". he is
the harborside health clinic in oakland .. >> ann mackovic tells us that it is all coming down to states' rights versus federal law. >> there's no reason to take down our door. we are proud of what we do and we do it openly. >> there was a federal complaint take to the door of harborside health center this week saying that the building could be seized by the fed said. >> we have no intention of closing our doors. we shall continue to provide this medicine. >> they also have a facility in san jose and was featured on a tv show and touted as an example of the good in the industry. >> i can work, i'm not only speaking for myself but i'm speaking for every other senior that can't be here. >> this is what saved my son's life ... >> the feds have threatened california dispensers over the past year, rating one in oakland in april. in many cases they go after businesses located too close to schools or parks but that is not the case with harborside on the embarcadero, with more than 100,000 patients, it is being targeted for its size, the feds call it a marijuana superstore. >> the reason why we have a l
like for us to keep doing more of what he was able to do the first two years when he had total control congress. the american people have looked at the result of that and it has clearly not worked >> the president will take his tax-cut extension plan to voters tuesday but the campaign trip to iowa. >> when it comes to raising cash, mitt romney is having a better time than president obama. the total for his campaign in june was $106 million. well above the $71 million raised by barack obama and the same time and the second straight month that mitt romney has led in fund-raising, even so obama raise more cash in june than in any other month so far. >> it weighs a ton and is supposed to find flaws inside of natural gas pipelines before disaster strikes. pgd showed off the device. cate caugurian is in milpitas at the sites of the utility's demonstration. today's show case was about the commitment to safety and using improved technology using technology to improve inspection methods. it is called the in-line inspection tool. pgd uses these tools for years but this is the most upgraded versi
the clock to complete the framework. each grain will be used to put 50 pieces of steel in place each day. >> we are building four quadrants at the same time so it is like having four separate buildings going up at the same time and they all meet in the middle. >> the mayor of santa clara is ready for football and for all the extras that come with having a new stadium in his city. >> lots of jobs and revenue that we did not have and in this economic downturn we really need that. these are local jobs, we made sure that we had an agreement that insure local people get the work first. >> this is about the fan so as we go to the design and construction, every step of the way we consider what the fan experience would be like when the stadium opens. >> you are looking at animation of what that new stadium will look like when it opens in time for kickoff for the 2014 season, again, the project executive says that it will be high-tech, very interactive for the fans that will bring their smart phones or their tablets to the game, he also says that it will be the best on the market when asked how w
for a mission that came through to us, which wanted to make sure that the children were well taken care of, that they would have a psychological help that they needed for the rest of their life. >> the children but are currently living in russia with their maternal grandmother. their attorney says that they understand their father is in prison for killing their mother, essentially they know that they have lost both parents. >> $60 million is a lot of money. not many people could come up with that, does he have the means to award them any money? >> i asked the children's attorney if he had the money to give the kids $60 million and he says now with his judgment that gives them the opportunity to find out just what his assets are. they can go from bank to bank in the united states and also in russia to find out just how much money he has, what ever it is it will go to those children. >> an idea that aims to cut down on gun violence but some argue that san fransisco proposed stop and frisk policing policy announced to nothing more than racial profiling. right now they're making their opinions
of the border. patrick kane shows us the lessons learned from the oakland police. >> in oakland this morning, to gas from the mexico city police force are accompanying los oak lawn police officers. >> they wanted to see what the activity was here in oakland california. >> these officers are here to learn about oakland police and how they track criminals and gunfire. in an effort to get better acquainted with american crime- fighting techniques. they describe their daily challenges in mexico city. >> mexico right now is going through tough times, and yes, it is violence. so they have resources where they have even better weapons and weapons they have. >> they learned of the impending visit to the latino association and extended the invitation. >> not only can you provide information on how we do things here, but they will be sharing information with us as well. >> on this ride along a mexican officers watch with a keen eyes, learning what they can through the week. >> my goal is that of course he learns, hopefully there is something that he can see and maybe take back with him to mexico, or l
restaurant in berkeley. the damage is minimal. the firefighters tell us that the building cinderblock construction prevented the flames from spreading too much. the exact cause is unknown, there are reports that the owners vote to open the restaurant later this afternoon. >> a federal monitor says that oakland is making progress in reforming the police department but he has found issues that could lead to the city losing control of the department. the monitor is troubled by photographs posted at police headquarters that have been defaced in a racist manner and he was also concerned about the department's handling of the occupied protests. the mayor said that she believes the city can keep control. >> i'm still optimistic. i am fighting to make real changes. that is why i have asked the monitor to give us reports on a shorter timeframe. i want to hear within a month if there's something that he sees that as long. >> a major problem so far is that the findings the monitor has pavin as much as six months out of date. >> a plea hearing for the suspect in the sierra lamar case was continue
that he wore a gas mask and military-style clothing during the attack, used an assault rifle to pistols and a knife. the survivors include a 3 month old baby, several victims are being treated for chemical exposure. this man was moved to tears describing what he saw. >> a young girl just with bullet wounds in her leg and blood, all over her. >> the suspect's family is cooperating with police and say that there are stop to the victims. even though police believe the suspect acted alone, security has been stepped up at movie theaters across the country, showing this new batman movie. live in colorado, back to you. >> michelle, what is the latest on the suspect, we understand that his apartment was actually booby trapped when the police went in there to investigate? >> police are still on the scene at that apartment, police and fire crews were there earlier this morning and they have a cherry picker out, one of a fireman was on that cherry picker at the third floor apartment window, there were carefully trying to take the screen from the window and carefully trying to pekin but again there
-school senior shot and killed by oakland police is demanding some answers about his death. ann mackovic tells us that concludes coroner's report and she joins us with more. >> they're here at the coroner's office, the corner of alameda county here in oakland waiting for the doors to open right now. they have been demanding the coroner's report for weeks now as well as the police reports in their son's death and they say that they have not been provided with either. here was the scene just after their son, the 18 year-old, was shot by police in may. that was 90th ave. by all accounts he ran from police when they tried to detain him. and that is because they thought that he had a concealed weapon. an officer ended up shooting him three times, the details are still debatable, investigators say that witnesses told them that he pointed a gun at police pipes his family says he did not have a gun, there was one found near his body but even police say that it was never fired. >> today we asked for information. so that we may have a chance to come to grips with this. and have the opportunity to place the
that this building used to be three stories tall and was knocked down to one story. the fire started around 3:00 a.m.. it was a massive fire, it took crews about a crew of 100 firefighters and 41 units to try and mitigate this fire. they were able to put it out in about an hour. witnesses placed a 61 year-old man here at the scene. they say that they saw him with a gas can. investigators took that man away, took him away for questioning, and an hour ago we saw a woman who was taken away, she was arrested and taken away in handcuffs. she too will also be charged with reckless arson, we were able to confirm those details with police. police say that they're not looking for anyone else in connection with this fire at this time. they say that it will give us more information on those two suspects once they are booked. however we do want to make note of something very here in this case. this is not the first time that fire has plagued this neighborhood. three years ago at the same exact time and another fire with a through this area at the same house. we spoke with the department of building inspectors
-claims. danielle nottingham tells us what mitt romney says about his time at bain capital. >> president obama is back on the campaign trail heading to the battleground state of ohio with a stop in cincinnati. the president is expected to continue his attacks on mitt romney and his business record >the president's campaign launched eight advertisement suggesting he shipped jobs overseas as head of bain capital. obama supporters slam and run for not releasing more than two years of tax returns. > at >> in an interview, the president said that his campaign is focused on helping the middle class. >> which vision, line or mitt romney, is more likely to deliver for those people? because that is where the majority of american people live. >> mitt romney's pushing back today charging that the president is running a negative campaign to avoid talking about his record on the economy. >> what does it say about a president whose record is so poor that all he can do in his campaign is attack me? >> the mitt romney campaign advisers say that the obama campaign advertisements are flat out wrong >> the obama
joins us with the latest. >> frank, early this morning they did set up security here, there were policemen on the roof of the courthouse, relatives of some of the victim's pack the hallways and the court room as the suspect made his first court appearance. >> suspected gunman james holmes made his first court appearance this morning since a deadly rampage at a colorado movie theater. he appeared to be days and lost in thoughts, several times a look like he was not an off. >> your currently being held on a note on hold. >> prosecutors were given until next monday to file formal charges. >> i would say that there's no such thing as a slam-dunk case, it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> the district attorney is considering pursuing the death penalty against holmes, prosecutors are consulting with the families of victims before making that decision. police say that he has lawyers up and is refusing to cooperate with the investigation. authorities say that it could take months to learn what motivated the attack. in the chaos following the shoot
us pressurize beyond the legal limit. pgd says that they have a plan in place to fix the faulty lines >> a fire station in vallejo back in business, reopening with 10 new recruits thanks to a two- year grant from fema. as kate) tells us, residents and city leaders see this as a reason for hope. >> can you tell me the sound of the fire truck? >> it is a sign of good times. >> i'm glad to see that. hopefully everyone can recognize that a lot of the things that take place and it looks like we are on the right track. i think that there's much to come and i think we're going in the right direction. >> we're very excited because we are on the right track, on the road to recovery. >> the a little fire station 25 is open for business thanks to help from federal grants. the city gets 1000 calls for structure fires every year, and firefighters say that this will be a big help. >> it was a stretch to get to some of these areas in north vallejo on time and when i say on time, i mean six or seven minutes from the time that we got the call. so, we will definitely be able to meet all those times now
contributions to his reelection fund. lisa washington shows us how the president turned a one day stop in to a very lucrative campaign leadoff. >> with a final way of the president ordered air force one, leaving sfo and heading to portland, his next campaign stop. well in the bay area he attended three campaign fund-raising events raising between three and $4 million. the president met with technology leaders at the scottish rite center before attending a $38,500 per plate private fund-raiser at a home in piedmont. >> matter who you are or where you come from, no matter what you look like, this place, america, is a place where you can make it if you try. >> his last campaign event monday evening was a rally at the fox theater in oakland where he told the crowd of supporters that he needed their votes in november and he needed them to encourage others to vote. the president also spoke about a tax from the presumptive gop nominee mitt romney. >> the other side knows that they cannot sell their ideas of what they're going to do is try and distort my vision. >> while the president was in t
on a car packed with four children last night on interstate 80 near hercules. ann mackovic tells us that the police really do not have much to go on. >> this car now riddled with bullets, was on interstate 80 with a back seat full of children when it traveled right into a confrontation with a shooter in another car, just before 11:00 p.m.. >> it is sad to see, this is a quiet place so anything that happens is shocking. >> a man and onewoman in her 20s were shot, in the back seat of the car another man and four children, to three year-old girls, and eight year-old girl and a 12 year-old boy, not injured but shaken. >> we're very concerned for their welfare and they're considered victims and an attempted murder case. >> children sang with other family members as the investigation continues along interstate 80 near state route 4. >> because it was a very emotionally high incident, they do not remember exactly where the accident happened so we are still looking. we did shut down the freeway for a short time but were not able to recover everything we would like to find. >> the injured dr
for the white house. danielle nottingham shows us the new jobs report has the president on the defensive and his challenger on the attack. >> president obama started his day with breakfast at a diner in akron ohio. and another helping of disappointing jobs numbers. the labor department says only 80,000 jobs were added in june, leaving unemployment stuck at 8.2%. the president talked about the numbers at a campaign stop in ohio. >> we can't be satisfied because our goal is never to just keep on working to get back to where we were back in 2007. >> the president is using this bust or to try and convince voters in critical swing states that he has the right approach for turning around the economy. >> we're going to bet on the american worker. we're going to bet on american industry. >> white house officials say that despite the weak jobs numbers, the economy is growing. pointing out that this is the 28th straight month that the country has added jobs. >> the jobs report is another kick in the gut to middle-class families. >> vacationing in new hampshire, mitt romney called a news conference to offe
tuition would cost more than $14,000 if the governor's tax plan fails next year. bay area use are on board with plans to fund a free muni rides but a big question remains, how do you pay for it all? cate caugurian in san francisco right now with that debate. >> that debate is still going on, the municipal transit commission is actually meeting in the building right behind me, talking about three proposals, three proposals that 40,000 people are banking on. >> supporters of free muni for youth say " let us ride ". >> i have struggled with paying bus fares, not just me but also my family and friends and people they know. >> use already do not have access to jobs. and have to go to school so they have to be out of their house in the do not have the option of staying home. >> different groups held their own meeting in fronter regional headquarters, drawing supporters from all over the bay. >> if they can support the pilot projects, one project that will support low income community use been severed cisco will help other cities. >> the pilot project was approved by mca in april but mtc ask for
the big holiday a big mess. >> in that last shot use all that traffic was backed up. all the way down to market street. of course it is a different story. it took two hours but everything is running smoothly. computers that we spoke to said the morning chaos made to return from a big holiday in big mess. it is a good change of events as everything gets back to normal. live in san francisco, back to you. >> thank you. >> new arrest in a homicide case of a suspected pimp . two men will be in court in 90 minutes, facing several charges in the shooting death of calvin snead, another couple pled not guilty to the shooting last month. prosecutors say that the 22 year-old from compton was the pimp of the couple's 17 year-old daughter. >> a holiday tradition of the legal fireworks continue to the bay area, chopper 5 spotted several impromptu light shows, all of them against the law. oak lawn officers and other agencies relied on shots bader technology to try and track the fireworks as well as gunfire but they could not get to all of them. >> when it is a mass crowd there's only so much you ca
also in san leandro, officers on the lookout for two armed men targeting customers using a bank atm. those robbers happened at the wells fargo on read a boulevard. police say that a woman was robbed by the two men with a handgun on tuesday. two similar cases were reported sunday and on july 14th. police say that in total five people have been robbed. >> the body of a missing bay area hiker has been found in the national forest. for 31 year-old from san rafael was found late yesterday, he left sunday for what was supposed to be just a day hike to the summit. officials said he did not make it to the top, he cited register at the summit. the experienced hiker was last seen alive around 1:00 sunday afternoon. a 12 year-old boy in critical condition after a tree fell on him in a san mateo county park campgrounds. the boys tell this was crushed and he was apparently sharing a tent with another boy when the 40 t oak tree fell on them before dawn yesterday, the other boy had only minor cuts and bruises. children in the bay area will not be getting free rides on muni after all. the metropoli
-camera. how would is used to be encouraging other drivers to slow down? >> i-80 in the cbs 5 weather center with a cool breeze in the >> here is a vivid reminder of the dangers of running a red light. it is crash happened two weeks ago in a new jersey town just outside of new york. it is the first accident since safety cameras were installed two years ago. the driver has been charged with drunk driving offenses. >> construction milestone in the east bay. crews installing girders for an automatic people mover between bart and oakland international airport. cate caugurian was there as the first murder went in. >> >> the first girder is now on the open connector, a symbol that this patch of rain is right on track. it will link the oakland coliseum to the airport. leaders say that it will put the city on the map. >> in the future as soon as this open airport connector is open, the nearest bart station is your gateway to the airport and anywhere in the world. >> passerby's can already see the progress but would you cannot see is progress in the economic development of oakland >> i feel like i'm
west. we're joined by sergeant robinson with of vallejo police department. tell us what happened this morning. >> to 50 5:00 a.m., dispatch center received a call from the residence at 142 buss street, there was a metal that was having a a domestic incident with a female that was there. and prior to the officers arrival, the mail fled those residents. as the officers were responding, a second caller called and said the subject that had been involved in the domestic violence, the male individual, had been seen at the safeway store here on lincoln road west. and that it was armed with a handgun. when the officer was arrived, they located the vehicle being described as a red nissan maxima parked in the parking lot. as the officers pulled up, the male subjects that was inside of the vehicle exited the vehicle, the officers in ask him to raise his hands. the subject fail to comply and they saw that he did have a handgun on his person. he refused to obey the commands. he was tasered. the taser apparently was ineffective, the officers were still talking with the individual trying to get
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